Professional solution for online video

WimLabs solutions can satisfy your needs for publishing and managing video on the web. Do you want to broadcast live streaming events? Do you want to easily publish free and pay per view video on your website? Do you want to make a TV-like program schedule on the web with your programs?

You're in the right place, WimLabs can meet all your needs!

The WimTV Platform

WimTV is the exclusive platform to create your own professional WebTV. Free and pay video on demand and live streaming, TV-style schedules and interactive video creation, all in one site!


The service that allows you to make live streaming with high reliability and for large audiences. You will have dedicated servers, guaranteed stability and the assistance of our technical team at your event!


WordPress Plugin to easily upload, store, publish video on demand, video playlists and broadcast live events from your website, with a simple and intuitive control panel!

WimTV White Label

Custom solution to create your own video management and distribution platform. You can offer exclusive services to your customers by leveraging our technology and our know-how!


A new tool that you can use to provide additional information on the same screen or on a second screen. Your viewers can interact with your programs by enabling them to explore further.

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Do you want to develop an innovative app? The WimTV APIs allow developers to get the most benefit from the functionality of the platform