Enrich your television program, meet your audience needs!

In the television world it is more and more important to keep the audience engaged, answer their curiosity and desire for entertainment and information, and make them more active in their viewer’s role. Today you have a new tool - TVBridge – that you can use to provide additional information on the same screen or on a second screen. Your viewers can interact with your programs by enabling them to explore further.

Use Case

Sport event

In a sporting competition a particular athlete, not well known, is going very well. Give your audience a chance to learn more

Educational program

In the program a lot more things are mentioned than the program can explain. Give your audience a chance to explore themes of interest to them

Music talent show

In the show a particular singer is attracting the attention of many who would like to know background, events, successes, upcoming concerts

Politics talk show

A politician is taking very clear positions on some issues. Many would be keen to know what the politician has said in the past on those themes

Television Quiz

Some of the quiz questions are very interesting and many would like to know more about both questions and possible answers


Your viewers are interested in a particular commercial. Some would like to know more, others would also be willing to buy. Why miss the opportunity?

TVBridge is the solution for these use cases and many others:

easy to use: it does not require special technical skills

addiditive: it can be used in parallel the present production process

in line with the past: it does not interfere with the user experience of traditional TV viewers

innovative: it offers to those who want a new way to enjoy TV programs


Choose the program that wants to enter the insights

Locate the points where you want to show additional content

Connects the additional content to the main program through a “bridget”

Save the bridgets with the additional content and upload them to a web server

Your viewers

Turn on the TV and launch the TVBridge app on their second screen

TVBridge recognises the broadcast program through the audio fingerprint

TVBridge displays the additional content that viewers can navigate

Bridgets can be shared on social networks, where they get viral

You can use TVBridge for live events as well.

Stimulate more engagement and raise your program’s approval rate.

Extend your audience beyond your traditional basin.

Bring the TV experience into the social environment of your viewers.


TVBridge uses the standard ISO/IEC 23000-18 Media Application Linking Format.