We are WimLabs

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Wimlabs is a company that has adopted the principle of bringing the cutting-edge technologies to the business of its customers to make it grow. Wimlabs offers products and services that go beyond the ordinary in the technology industry.


Launched in 2011 in Torino, Italy, Wimlabs is now an established player in ICT products and services and keeps on treading the path of innovation with its groundbreaking ideas.

Meet with our team

Leonardo Chiariglione
Founder & CEO
Riccardo Chiariglione
Business Developer
Sergio Matone
Giuseppe Vavalà
Backend Developer
Stefano De Carlo
Web Designer
Loredana Maran
Frontend Developer
Ashraf Zaman
Backend Developer
Paolo Volpe
Marketing & Sales
Raffaella Guccione
Marketing & Sales
Cem Kılınç
Marketing & Sales
Rocco Storace
Massimo Virgilio
Backend Developer