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What is it?

StreetMarket360 enables online merchants selling in public areas to sell their wares online, transforming each street market bench into an online shop inside a virtual marketplace. It allows you wherever you are, to shop in a street market in a few simple clicks via smartphone, tablet or PC.

How it works?


StreetMarket360   Customer


StreetMarket360  Merchant

Key feature

  • First street market-based eCommerce;
  • Immersive and revolutionary shopping experience;
  • Easy and fast selling experience, seamlessly integrated into the merchants’ workflow;
  • Sustainable costs for sellers and buyers;
  • Enhancing the territory and small businesses, and respecting the environment;
  • Good for those who do not have the possibility or the time to shop at the market.

Customer advantages

See all products on sale
Purchase goods on device
Intuitive shoppinge experience

Merchant advantages

Extend coverage area
Sell even if weather is bad
Easy and safe sales experience

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