Engage your audience with TVBridge

Enhance the value of broadcast television with new digital experiences.

TVBridge – an end to end system to create and consume augmented content. No need for digital television or special set top boxes


How does it work?

TV mockup

The TVBridge authoring tool helps an editor find interesting points in the TV program and create bridgets (media objects like Images, videos, informations etc.) that viewers can view with an app.

TV mockup

The TVBridge app alerts viewers that bridgets are available when the TV program reaches an interesting point selected by the editor.

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Viewers can easily share bridgets on their social networks.

What are bridgets good at?

TVBridge ads
  • Follow up to product placement
  • User centric advertising
  • User-selectable ads of products
TVBridge info programs
More info on a program
  • More information on aspects of the programs
  • Related info on news
TVBridge for tourism
  • Tour of a location in a travel program
  • Videos/images/3D of specific spots
TVBridge multilinguage
  • Access to multilanguage
  • Commentator tracks to a program
  • Subscription-based bridgets
  • And more!

Why TVBridge is the future?

It offers a tool to create 2nd screen content inexpensively

Without interfering with established production chains

Without affecting the user experience of viewers who do not user the bridget app

Can be adapted to live programs as well

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