EnterpriseTV as a Service (ETaaS)

ETaaS is an element of the WimTV family of Online Video Service Platforms
By running an ETaaS your customers can “open shop” on your platform and offer themselves a range of video services. In other words you can run a service like www.wim.tv


Who are your customers?
Companies understanding the strategic value of a versatile video presence on the web but unable to run a sophisticated ICT infrastructure

ETaaS lets you create and support all “Enterprise TVs” as you need for your customers

ETaaS lets you manage the ICT side of all your Enterprise TVs: servers, storage, intenet access

GetWim lets you develop customised frontends for your clients

WimTV APIs let you develop apps for a variety of devices for your clients

ETaaS can be configured to implement a variety of business models to satisfy your customers’ demands

ETaaS lets your customers develop a variety of video management and distribution business models

ETaaS lets you monitor and analyse the information generated on your platform

ETaaS lets your clients access the data developed by their users

Main video distribution services – free or pay - your clients can offer to their users

  • Video on Demand (VoD)
  • Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD)
  • Live events
  • TV-like schedules