If you think OTT is the future of video distribution, WimOTT is what you need

Launch the Video service you have in mind with WimOTT


With WimOTT you can launch the Video service that you have in mind.

We put all our efforts into providing a tool that lets you create OTT services fulfilling your needs.
Make your business fly with our innovative WimOTT features!

Wide range of video services

Make your offer stand out against the competition with WimOTT-enabled video services: on demand, subscriptions, live events, schedules (TV-like programs)

Highly Personalized User Experience

Create and enhance exciting and personalised look and feel of your video service with GetWim

Extensive monetisation opportunities

Implement your business model with a smart combination of ad-supported, pay per view and subscription services

Branded Apps

Offer your video service on multiple devices with your own branded apps

A platform matching your needs

Run your video service on a platform suited to the size of your business, on cloud or on premises: from the smallest to the largest

Detailed Analytics

The WimOTT analytics function lets you respond to the needs of your audience by monitoring your service popularity

Don’t forget to check out our demo OTT platform


We created a demo version of OTT platform to make you understand our product’s essentials

Watch WimOTT demo